Common Misconceptions

What will happen with EB5 Program?

EB5 of Ohio strongly believes the EB5 program is here to stay.  As Forbes Business put it in their article titled Why Congress Will Extend the EB-5 Immigrant Visa Program, "The EB-5 immigration visa may be the best immigration program the U.S. has to offer."

EB5 and Trump:

EB-5 reform under the Donald Trump administration has been a hot topic of discussion.  EB5 of Ohio believes EB-5 will continue to grow under Donald Trump.  In the New York Real Estate News' article titled EB-5 will thrive under Trump, advocates say, Charles Gargano states "Under President-elect Trump, a developer himself, he will magnify the need for a program like this."

Is EB5 safe?

There have been a lot of risky EB-5 investments.  EB5 of Ohio tries to mitigate the investment risk as much as possible.  EB5 of Ohio's featured project is exemplar approved, meaning the project is pre-approved by USCIS.  Additionally, the jobs in the project have already been created, mitigating the job risk.  USCIS mandates that the money must be at risk, but EB5 of Ohio has taken steps to give investors comfort.